We believe Tennis is a unique sport that shapes a person’s character.

We believe tennis develops skills such as self-confidence, self-belief, patience, decision making, discipline, and fair play.

We believe that our passion for the sport and the experience of our team helps players develop strong tennis, but most importantly, strong as individuals.

We believe that both technical skills and relationships play important roles, that’s why our team helps players in their competition schedule, taking in consideration their specific and different needs throughout the season, dealing with aspects such as the sign-in in tournaments, escort them to matches, and help  with accommodations, flights and any other necessary arrangements.

Meat Our Team of Professionals

Manuel Costa Matos
Manuel Costa MatosDirector
João Zanatti
João ZanattiCoach
Vasco Martins
Vasco MartinsCoach
Ana Dinis
Ana DinisFitness coach

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